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Some small experiences in website design

Every website is different, and the color combinations used for different content with different themes are different.

Introduction to the basic steps of website construction

Website construction refers to the use of a markup language to transmit information in electronic format over the Internet through a series of processes of design, modeling, and execution.

What are the promotion methods for e-commerce websites that are not suitable?

2012 is a year of B2C outbreak, coupled with the popularity of the Internet industry, many companies are engaged in e-commerce, want to share a piece here. As long as you join the Internet and e-commerce, you will have to promote the website. We have seen more methods and techniques for website promotion, but what do you know about the promotion methods that e-commerce websites are not suitable for?

How to choose a suitable domain name

The first thing you need to create a website is the domain name of the website. Choosing a domain name has become a big problem for many webmasters.

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